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TV's Charlie Ross instructs auctioneers stuck without their salerooms on bicep-strengthening exercises.

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The two-minute tongue-in-cheek video features Charlie Ross of BBC’s Bargain Hunt and Antiques Road Trip demonstrating simple exercises to keep rostrum-ready.

“Auctioneers amongst you must be desperately worried about getting unfit while your salerooms are closed,” he says as the clip opens. “Now I’ve devised some simple exercises to keep yourself moving.”

Targeted muscle groups include the neck (turning the head to welcome bidders), the biceps and triceps (accepting bids) and abs (for which, he explains, you “need to be a porter”).

Ross told ATG that he was inspired after his family introduced him to the 9am Joe Wicks videos which he found “a bit too vigorous for me”, and subsequently put the video together at his home and sent out to various auctioneers including Richard Madley to post on their social media pages.