Dealer Michael Todd.

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1. What sorts of roles have you held?

I’ve also been in advertising and joined the army but I wanted to be in the antiques world since the age of 14.

I opened a shop near St Albans. It’s one of around five shops I’ve had. I never last very long in shops – I always remember why I left the last one. I was once in a shop with three other dealers on the Kings Road in London for just under a year. It was great fun and running costs were very cheap.

2. What fairs have you done?

The first proper fair I did was in Holland in the mid-1970s with a friend of mine who has a shop in the UK. We did around two fairs a year, about seven altogether – they were great fun. We were there the same time TEFAF started and we were invited to take part, but it was a new venture and fairs abroad mean a long time away from the UK business.

This edition marks our 20th appearance at Bath Decorative, which is a great, fun fair. We see a lot of people who we don’t usually see and we also know a lot of people there – and Bath is a much more attractive city than Maastricht.

3. An exhibition you would love to stage?

My wife has always thought about doing an exhibition of childhood with samplers and peg dolls. I like the idea as well.

4. What is your best-seller at the moment?

It was samplers but those have gone off a bit. Now it’s spongeware pottery and original painted furniture. The crucial thing with whatever we’re selling is that it has to have the right, authentic look.

5. Real ale or espresso martini?

A pint of bitter.

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