An ivory-inlaid fall-fronted cabinet offered at Ader’s sale on June 29, estimated at €10,000-12,000.

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The 15¾ x 12 x 10in (40 x 30 x 25cm) cabinet opens to reveal numerous small drawers. The ivory decoration to the interior and exterior of floral motifs is inspired by similar flowers featured in miniatures produced in the Mughal courts in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Cabinets of this type were principally made in north-western India, in Gujarat and Sind, in the 17th century. This example has an estimate of €10,000-12,000.

The sale also features other works of art plus manuscripts and miniatures, including an illuminated Firman or decree measuring 10ft 9in (3.3m) in length bearing the tughra of the Turkoman Sultan Uzun Hasan, who reigned from 1457-78. It is estimated at €20,000-30,000.