One of the Shaun Greenhalgh ‘Lowry-style’ paintings on sale at Bolton Auction Rooms on February 20.

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The Bolton artist was previously sentenced to four years in prison in 2007.

While his most famous fake was the Amarna Princess, an apparently ancient Egyptian statue that was sold to Bolton Council for over £400,000 in 2003, more recently he admitted on the BBC’s Fake or Fortune that he had produced and sold his first Lowry forgery at the age of just 15.

The current pictures are all oils on canvas painted in 2015 and each carries an estimate of £1000-2000 at the auction on February 20. Although they carry a signature on the front for LS Lowry, Harry Howcroft of Bolton Auction Rooms said that all three works also carry the Greenhalgh cypher ‘SG’ on the reverse as well as the date ‘2015’ and the inscription Shaun Greenhalgh after LS Lowry. He told ATG he was confident that they could never be passed off as genuine works by Lowry. “Lots of works have been made in the style of LS Lowry, ” he said.

“These are not even copies of original works.”