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Examples of this would be: 1. Showing the number of ‘watchers’ on a particular lot 2. Commission bids being recorded as a pre-sale bid for all viewers to be able to see. To what benefit does this functionality serve apart from making it feel like an eBay auction?

There’s also a killjoy element. In the past you spot the ‘sleeper’ of the sale and you had no idea until the lot comes up if anyone else has spotted it. Now though, knowing that numerous other people are also watching the item ruins the fun and anticipation. In some ways it is a good thing, as it means I don’t have to stay in all day any more waiting for a lot to come up for sale, only to find it soars miles above estimate.

But this is not the point.

The main positive development from thesaleroom.com in the past year is the new capability to be able to bid on an IOS device/smartphone. This is fantastic progress.

On the flipside, however, some other software enhancements appear to be morphing the site into an eBay-type platform which is really not akin to the ethos of the trade or other users.

Please can Auction Technology Group explain its thinking.

Dan Leighton

Jubilee Galleries, Cirencester