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1) Massive Churchill collection including his desk and unpublished letters stars in London dealer’s offering

A collection devoted to the life and work of Sir Winston Churchill was among the standout items at The Winter Show in New York.

Churchil 1

This oil portrait of Churchill was painted by Arthur Pan during the Second World War. It was used as the specimen to make prints of the portrait of which 1000 were sold in aid of Clementine Churchill’s Aid to Russia Fund. This original picture is offered for $125,000.

2) Velázquez portrait withdrawn from Sotheby’s Old Master sale

A Diego Velázquez (1599-1660) royal portrait due to be offered at Sotheby’s New York has been withdrawn ahead of the auction.

Portrait of Isabel de Borbón

The portrait of Isabel de Borbón was due to be offered at Sotheby’s New York on February 1.

3) Football trade card portraying first black professional player Arthur Wharton takes astonishing £26,800

A trade card sold for a remarkable £26,800 hammer price was not only one of the earliest-known examples but also had the considerable appeal of featuring the first black professional football player.

2627NE Edit Wharton Loddon 1 CUTOUT

Arthur Wharton football card sold for £26,800 at Loddon Auctions.

4) Treasure finds hit new high as metal detecting continues to pay off

More than 53,000 archaeological finds were recorded in the latest annual report, which included 1378 Treasure cases, the highest ever reported in a single year.

Coin hoard

A view of a coin hoard found in a flint vessel in Berkshire. Image: ©The Trustees of the British Museum.

5) Betty Boothroyd’s dispatch box and brooch entice bidders at memorabilia auction

Politics fans and admirers competed for items from the estate of Betty Boothroyd (1929-2023), the first female Speaker of the House of Commons.

House of Commons dispatch box

Betty Bothroyd’s black leather House of Commons dispatch box, £5200 at SAS.

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