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The UK government is making preparations in the event of a No deal Brexit. 

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The change means that for UK hauliers permits will not be required for the vast majority of journeys to the EU for the rest of this year. The UK has already announced that it will grant equivalent access to the UK for EU airlines, hauliers and passenger transport operators.

Mike McGrellis, transport manager at shipping firm Gander & White, said: “The EU’s decision provides art shippers with a grace period in which we can continue to serve the international art and antiques market no matter the Brexit outcome. 

Mike McGrellis

Mike McGrellis transport manager at Gander & White.

“The limited number of ECMT [European Conference of Ministers of Transport] permits were allocated to essential goods carriers only, so this decision allows for an overhaul of the system to be made so that all UK-based hauliers can continue to operate in the EU in the case of a no-deal Brexit.”

McGrellis added: “We recognise that this is a temporary solution but expect a system will be agreed before this solution expires.”

Gander & White

Vehicles at Gander & White.

The UK government's announcement on this news was published on the website. Brexit negotiations continue in parliament but the government has been making contingency plans in event of a no-deal Brexit. In January Defra announced an import and export warning for CITES-listed natural history specimens in the event of a no-deal Brexit.