Detective Comics No.27 from May 1939, featuring the first appearance of ‘The Bat-Man.’ Estimate $500,000-$1m at Hake’s Americana on March 13-15.

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Hake’s Americana, a saleroom in York, Pennsylvania, recently discovered the fabled copy of Detective Comics No.27 (May 1939) in a collection whose original owner had purchased all of the comics new off the shelf during the 1930s and ’40s.

“To comic book collectors, nothing compares to the Golden Age issues that introduce beloved superhero characters,” said company president Alex Winter. “The top comic book in the eyes of most collectors has always been Action Comics No.1 with the first appearance of Superman, but there are fewer known copies of Detective 27.

The comic in our auction is complete, unrestored, and of a grade [CGC rated 5.0] that may not appear for sale again for many years.”

Hake’s auction estimate is $500,000-$1m.


A Star Wars Darth Vader ‘double-telescoping’ action figure, 1978. Estimate $35,000-$50,000 at Hake’s Americana on March 13-15.

The March 13-15 sale includes of the most desirable of all Star Wars figures. The 70 lots from the second tranche of the Russell Branton collection include a Darth Vader figure with a ‘double telescoping’ light sabre and a Boba Fett rocket-firing prototype. Both carry estimates of $35,000-50,000 each.