The Crown Estate is to sponsor this year’s ‘Master Paintings Week’ (MPW), now in its fifth year.

The week will now also offer a wider range of art, with MPW collaborating with Master Drawings and Sculpture Week to create London Art Week, featuring works from the 15th to 20th centuries.

James Cooksey, Head of St James's Portfolio, said: "The Crown Estate is delighted to partner with Master Paintings Week for the first time. We value the important contribution of the art community in St James's and to be part of this exceptional week of events highlights our commitment to promoting the area's unique culture and heritage."

Running from June 28 to July 5, MPW will feature 20 leading dealers and three auction houses.

Among the dealers will be two newcomers: Coll & Cortés Fine Arts, who recently opened new premises in Mayfair, and Galleria Cesare Lampronti Art Broker Finance Ltd, who moved to St James's in January.