THE organisers of Asian Art in London have announced that this year, for the first time, they will allow dealers from outside the UK to take part.

The annual event of selling exhibitions is scheduled for November 3 to 12.

Throughout its 14-year history, Asian Art in London has been strict in allowing only London-based dealers and auctioneers to take part, although last year the Salisbury-based auctioneers Woolley & Wallis were allowed to join in.

Over the past few years several international dealers have asked to take part, and their inclusion this year is expected to reinforce London's position within the ever-expanding international Asian art market at a time when increasing numbers of high-profile auctions are taking place in Hong Kong and New York.

No international dealers have as yet signed up, but invitations to a few, key foreign dealers are to be sent out imminently, inviting them to take part. It is not intended that the event, which numbered 43 participants last year, will grow considerably in size this year due to this decision, and the organisers expect just a few international dealers to join.

However, all dealers in Asian art can apply to take part in the event by contacting Jessica Curtis on 0207 499 2215 or by email at Applications will be subject to selection by the board.

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