The Fairyland Lahore vase that made £14,400 at Adam Partridge of North Rode, near Macclesfield, on March 12.

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As is sometimes the case, the valuation was discussed and deemed a little ambitious so it went on air on Sunday, March 22 with the owner from Anglesea told her vase might reach £6000-8000 if sold at auction.

Anderson & Garland did not get to test the theory, but Adam Partridge of North Rode, near Macclesfield did, on March 12 - two weeks before the vase was featured on the BBC due to the delay between recording and screening.

The vase (shape 2465) stands an impressive 16 1/2in (42cm) tall and is unusually decorated in a variation of the Lahore pattern with moose and a giraffe, designed by Daisy Makeig-Jones. It is a previously unknown combination of pattern and shape - and the combination of the two was considered particularly successful.

Adam Partridge had tempered the estimate to £3000-5000 but it proved unnecessary. Eight telephone bidders competed for it before it sold to a UK buyer at £14,400 (plus 15 per cent buyer's premium).