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The 30-minute reel-to-reel tape, believed to have been recorded in 1964, was discovered in an attic in the North of England by the son of a man who had worked in the music industry.

The tape included a number of Lennon and McCartney composed songs as well as covers of other artists’ work, such as Chuck Berry.

Whilst trying to record I’ll Follow the Sun, Lennon says: “I’m not looking at you”, to which McCartney replies: “You were”. Lennon then says: “It’s just going to get funnier and funnier as the evening goes on.” McCartney adds: “Let’s just try this once more and if it’s the last one that’s hard lines.”

Estimated at £8000-12,000, the tape sold to a Canadian dealer who left an internet commission bid via the-saleroom.com, beating the underbid of £9800, placed through live bidding.

By Anna Brady