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Insurance, conservation, safety, paperwork and many other considerations come into play, making further demands on the skills and intelligence of those who would rather be concentrating on the pieces themselves.

Now AXA are trying to simplify the process by increasing our understanding of what’s involved. To that end they have set up a one-day seminar at the Wallace Collection in London, with speakers on a wide range of topics.

Picking Up The Pieces: Managing the Risks of Art on the Move takes place from 9am to 5pm on Thursday, November 4 at The Wallace Collection, Manchester Square, London.

9am: Registration and coffee in the Meeting Room (basement).
9.25: Welcome by Rosalind Savill, director of the Wallace Collection.
9.30: Introduction by AXA Art.
9.45: Christopher Lloyd, Surveyor of The Queen’s Pictures – the exhibition scene: do works of art suffer from jet lag?
10.10: Stephen Duffy, Exhibitions Curator and Curator of 19th Century Paintings at the Wallace Collection – the museum’s experience as a borrower.
10.35: Questions
10.45: Break
11.15: James Ede, managing director of Charles Ede Ltd – the internationalism of the commercial antiquities market, then and now.
11.40: Mark Aiston, fine art transporter – the practical reality of moving art; many stages and many hands to reach the destination.
12.05: Neil Lieberman of N Lieberman & Associates, loss adjuster based in California – what can happen: horror stories and case studies.
12.30: Questions
12.40: Lunch
1.35: Chair Deborah Gage of Deborah Gage (Works of Art) Ltd – welcome back.
1.40: William Perry, partner at Charles Russell Solicitors – the legal side of moving art.
2.05: Robin Vousden of Gagosian – how do artists feel when their work is damaged?
2.30: Sophia Fairclough, specialist paper conservator – putting art back together again.
2.55: Questions and key points for the debate put forward by Deborah Gage.
3.05: Break
3.35: Open-floor debate
4.50: Conclusion, thanks and depart

For further information visit ‘Sponsorships & Events’ at www.axa-art.co.uk