THE Hindenburg archive, which includes the famous Leica and accessories recovered from the wreckage by Fritz Deeg, the steward onboard the airship when disaster struck on May 6, 1937, is being offered by WestLicht on May 23 and 24.

Highlights include a Leica IIIa, a Vidom viewfinder, a Nooky close-up attachment, an Elmar f/4 9cm lens, two filters and lens cap.

In 1970 Michael von Rosen acquired the equipment directly from Fritz Deeg. The camera comes with letters of authenticity and original archive material including:

• an original copy of the morning edition New York newspaper dated 7th May 1937 with the headline Hindenburg Explodes at Lakehurst; 35 dead;

• the inflight brochure with seating plan and journey information;

• an unopened letter with the Hindenburg emblem, sent from New York to Frankfurt, with “Lakehurst Trans-Atlantic Flight”, postmark dated 11th May 1936;

• a similar letter on Hindenburg paper and envelope dated 1936 sent by another passenger;

• an in-flight brochure for the Graf Zeppelin;

• an original press photograph of the Hindenburg crew on the airship which includes Fritz Deeg;

• a postcard sent from the Graf Zeppelin by Fritz Deeg and another postcard with Zeppelin postmark;

• two publicity photographs of the Hindenburg shortly after its construction;

• five press photographs of the disaster including two of the first ever radio transmitted photographs, shown above right;

• photographs of von Rosen and Fritz Deeg together in 1971;

• two blue prints and a schematic drawing of the airship;

• three contemporary photographs of the Hindenburg in flight taken during 1936;

• three framed photographs of the Graf Zeppelin;

• a recent publication by Rick Archbold, Hindenburg; and

• a typed and signed letter from the Hindenburg designer Hugo Eckener dated 1936.

The Hindenburg archive will be offered at the auction with a price of €40,000.

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