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The colour twist baubles were separated on the basis of size into four lots estimated in the low hundreds of pounds. However, there is a thriving collectors club for antique marbles in America, a country where any unusual interest, from barbed wire to button hooks, can be commodified. In fact, the majority of 19th century marbles were originally made in Germany and exported to America, and it was dealers from the States (among others) bidding on the telephone and on commission who accounted for the high prices at Tennants.

A lot of 30 marbles ranging from 1in to 11/4in (2.6–3.2cm) diameter made £1100 – an average of £36 per ball; a collection of coloured opaque twist marbles, from 1in to 11/2in to (2.5–3.7cm) diameter, took £3000; 82 marbles including five with silver foil inclusions, measuring 1/4in to 11/3in (0.6 - 3.4cm) diameter, made £1100 while a group of 13 marbles, including the two largest examples at 2in (5cm) diameter and a rare Sulphide example with a sheep model inclusion (worth about £300 alone) rated £2000. Clearly, losing your marbles has never been so costly.