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THE author is a Jungian analyst, a writer and a scholar of modern art who has a singular passion for Knox, has written a number of books on his subject, and has assembled a renowned collection of Knox’s silver pieces.

One of the greatest of the decorative artists of modern times, Knox ranks with the other great names in design; Dresser, Rennie Mackintosh, Voysey and Guimard.

With some 800 illustrations including a stunning inkwell, there are 18 essays by Knox experts, including Victor Arwas and Adrian Tilbrook, the author of The Designs of Alexander Knox for Liberty & Co, who is credited with re-establishing Knox as a creative force in modern design when this book was first published in 1976.

One of the most interesting chapters in this monograph covers Knox’s Manx nationalism and the roots of his Celtic inspiration, while in his introductory chapter The Soul of Archibald Knox, Dr Martin, who sees Knox as one of the most gifted and under-appreciated British designers of the last century, explains his attempts to establish his hero’s central role in the evolution of British and Modern design and shed some light on the influences.

The Jungian philosophy shines forth in Dr Martin’s dedication to Knox... “More than any other of my inner teachers, he has illuminated the psyche by instructing me, sometimes ecstatically, sometimes terrifyingly, in the passionate, palpable reality of the soul in the world.”