Set of 10 plates from the Sèvres Service de la Chevalerie, $34,000 (£26,600) at Tremont Auctions.

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These elements from the ‘Service de la Chevalerie’ made in 1835 were estimated at $600-800 but hammered at $34,000 (£26,600).

Created shortly after the July Revolution of 1830, when Louis Philippe ruled as ‘king of the French’, the ‘Service de la Chevalerie’ was great example of romantic historicism.

One of many elaborate services made under the inspired directorship of the chemist Alexandre Brongniart, each piece depicts a dashing warrior from French medieval history.

The gilt borders are a rich display of heraldry, gothic arches and a roll-call of chivalric ideals: Gloire, Generosité, Valeur, Constance, Fidelité, Loyauté, Vertu, Dieu, Le Roi, Les Dames, Honneur, Amour (Glory, Generosity, Valour, Constancy, Fidelity, Loyalty, Virtue, God, The King, The Ladies, Honour, Love).


One from a set of 10 plates from the Sèvres Service de la Chevalerie, $34,000 (£26,600) at Tremont Auctions.

Elements of the service formed part of the influential exhibition and book, The Sèvres Porcelain Manufactory, Alexandre Brongniart and the Triumph of Art and Industry, 1800-47.

A drawing by factory artist Jean- Charles Develly for the decoration of an ice pail for this service formed part of the 1997 exhibition.

The 10 plates offered at Tremont included subject titles such as Jacques de Molay, Dernier Grand-Maitre de l’Ordre des Templiers (Last Grand Master of the Knights Templar), 1313 and Charles de France, Roi de Naples de Sicile et de Jerusalem, fils de Louis VIII, 13th siecle (King of Naples, Sicily and Jerusalem, son of Louis VIII 13th century. Only one piece had signs of damage (a small rum chip).

Garrard design


Pair of Victorian silver candelabra by Robert Garrard II, $42,000 (£32,900) at Tremont Auctions.

Sold at $42,000 (£32,900) was an impressive pair of Victorian silver candelabra marked for the celebrated London maker Robert Garrard II and the date letters for 1869 and 1870.

An elaborate model in the Huguenot revival style, they featured the motto Ung Durant Ma Vie, possibly for the Barrington family. Fully assembled, they stood 2ft 8in (81cm) high and weighed 556oz.

The guide was $20,000-30,000.