Chinese bow dating from the early 19th century, €45,000 from Runjeet Singh.

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He will be exhibiting his diverse selection of antique arms and armour from all across Asia, with select Sikh, Indian and Islamic works of art.

Among the pieces Singh is offering is this rare Chinese bow measuring 3ft 8in (1.1m) overall and dating from the early 19th century.

The main surface is made from carved water buffalo horn probably glued to on a wood core. The central grip is framed by collars of rayskin while a mosaic panel of red and cream coloured squares extends over both arms along with a pattern of multi-coloured chevrons. The bow is also decorated with various symbols alluding to themes of longevity and prosperity.

The bow is part of a group of mosaic-patterned examples that take their design from one used by the Qianlong Emperor as depicted in several contemporary portraits. Later they were also produced for certain ranks of guards and princes and, as the dynasty progressed, they became available for any who could afford them.

It is priced at €45,000 by Singh, based in Leamington Spa.