Robert Policeman car mascot, offered for £1149 from Cheshire Antiques Consultant.

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Illustrator John Hassall is well known for his poster designs, particularly the 1908 classic Skegness is SO bracing design for the Great Northern Railway and his 1910 Kodak girl.

Sometimes his distinctive characters spilled off the page, as is this case with this car mascot, Robert Policeman. Measuring 4.5in (11.5cm) tall, the figure has a brass body and helmet.

The enamel head is spring loaded and can be adjusted with the helmet. Visible at his side around the bottom of the jacket is Hassall’s signature. It was originally distributed through Smith’s Motor Accessories, advertised as ‘the funniest mascot on the market’.

The example comes from Cheshire Antiques Consultant and is offered for precisely £1149.