A 14th century ‘Lady Brook’ wedding ring – £38,000 at Noonans.

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With a shank of angular entwined bands representing linked hands, it was inscribed to the interior ieo vos tien foi tenes le moy (‘As I hold your faith, hold mine’).

British Museum research indicated that it probably was the wedding ring given by Sir Thomas Brook to Lady Joan Brook for their marriage in 1388. It was named The Lady Brook ring in the catalogue.

“It had wonderful aura about it, which made you not want to give it back when you held it”, said Noonans consultant Nigel Mills.

Watching the November 29 sale on screen were detectorist David Board, 69, and the farmer who now owns the ‘find spot’ near Thorncombe.

After the ring sold on commission at £38,000, just shy of top estimate, Board said: “There was media interest from all over the world but we hope the ring will remain in this country.”