BADA council members

From left to right: David Isaac, Samuel Marchant, Dino Tomasso and Jonathan Coulborn.

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New members also include Dino Tomasso of sculpture specialist Tomasso and Jonathan Coulborn of furniture dealer Thomas Coulborn & Sons, who have previously held senior roles within BADA.

They all join existing board members Laura Bordignon, Christopher Buck, Angela Hardy, Archie Parker, Peter Petrou, Robert Timms and BADA managing director Ashley Gallant.

Howard Walwyn, John Adams and Howard Brower (of David Brower) have now left the council.

Tomasso was a council member in 2020 and held the post of BADA regional representative for the Northern and Scotland regions and Coulborn served the association as chairman from 2011-13 and of the BADA Fair from 2009-11.

BADA chairman Louise Phillips said: “I am delighted to welcome Jonathan and Dino back to the council in 2023. They are both vastly experienced dealers whose knowledge of the trade and input will be invaluable in helping guide the association in the year ahead. I am equally pleased to welcome Samuel and David on board. I am hugely encouraged that Samuel, as a representative of the younger generation of our dealers, is engaged and I look forward to his fresh perspective.

“I would also like to thank outgoing council members Howard Walwyn, John Adams and Howard Brower for their commitment and contributions to the BADA during their time on Council. Outside of the council confines, few members appreciate the hard work and personal sacrifices our council members make on their behalf.

“Much of this passes without a wider acknowledgement and I am grateful for their diligence and support.”

Environmental benefits

Separately, BADA has joined the Gallery Climate Coalition (GCC), a not-for-profit group of galleries, auction houses and advisers, aiming to reduce its members’ carbon footprint in line with the UN’s call to cut emissions by 50% by 2030.

BADA managing director Ashley Gallant said: “We all know the environmental benefits of buying antiques but there is much more we could be doing as a trade to address our carbon footprint. The BADA was founded to promote the interests of the trade, and as such I feel it is our duty to take a lead on the issue.”