The left slipper sole of a Peter Rabbit doll.

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In December 1903 Beatrix Potter patented her Peter Rabbit doll design. Later Steiff began producing it using her registered number, 423888, which appeared on the sole of the left slipper (pictured).

I have seen examples of this number appearing only on Steiff’s rabbit dolls wearing the blue jackets defining Peter Rabbit. However, Steiff’s rabbit dolls were also produced wearing other coloured jackets, green, orange, and red.

Collectors will often refer to these as ‘Peter Rabbit’ dolls, but does anyone know of one of these other colourways that has the registered number 423888 on the sole of its left slipper?

Thanking you in anticipation.

Harvey Brewis

(submitted to ATG via auction house Mitchells of Cockermouth)