Sandy White

Sandy White of Sandy’s Vintage Charms.

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1 How did you get your start?

I was working for NatWest as a business startup adviser. I advised myself to leave the bank in 1997 and started my own business based on my collecting hobby. I began with general antiques but when the internet took off I needed something smaller that was easier to post.

Charms fitted the bill perfectly and Sandy’s Vintage Charms was launched in 2002 with the website following in 2008.

2 What is one great discovery you’ve made?

An 1820s silver and gold sarcophagus charm that opened at the front to reveal an enamel naked lady inside. Turn it over and the back opens to reveal her behind.


An early 19th century silver, gold and enamel sarcophagus charm.

3 What is something you’d love to get your hands on – a holy grail in your area?

An Edwardian enamel postcard charm. Double sided with a pictorial view on the front and the address, message and stamp detailing to the back. I have had a few over the years but unfortunately let them all go.

4 Do you have a collection at home?

I have a guilty pleasure. I collect the little 1960s silver and enamel souvenir shields of places I have visited. Currently they just sit in a box but the plan has always been to pin them on to a map as a pictorial souvenir of my travels.

5 What is your favourite appearance of an antique in fiction?

I love miniature things. My favourite charms are tiny versions of everyday items like kitchen utensils, furniture etc. A recent book I thoroughly enjoyed was The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton, based on a doll’s house in the Rijksmuseum. It sounded so fascinating that I had to take a trip to Amsterdam to see it in person. It didn’t disappoint.

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