One of two Shell Motor Oil pump globes that made £12,000 and £14,000 at Richard Edmunds Auctions.

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All were different in some small way – either by shape, by colour, by logo, by maker or by product.

In addition to globes simply advertising Shell were those for Shell Economy (£900), Shell Diesoline (£340), Super Shell (£1200), Sealed Shell (£550) and two rare smaller globes for Shell Motor Oil – one pictured above.

Both were offered in excellent original ‘barn found’ condition (they had languished in the bottom of a cabinet for several decades) with guides of £3000- 5000 each. One made £12,000, the next £14,000 selling to different buyers.

These globes that sat atop a motor oil dispenser are roughly half the size of petrol pump globes. They were made in smaller quantities and survive in only small numbers. This type is well known from modern reproductions but originals are very hard to find. The auctioneers had sold only one before that took £5800 five years ago.