Buyers get busy at Alexandra Palace Antiques & Collectors Fair.

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A first-time visitor to IACF’s Alexandra Palace Antiques & Collectors Fair found her “all-round perfect buy” when she picked up an Indian Mughal painting for only £30.


Indira, a new visitor who made her perfect buy in a £30 India Mughal painting.

Indira, the buyer, was among many visitors to the event, which ran for the first time in more than two years on September 3.

She told ATG that she had come along to see what the vibe of the fair was like and had fallen in love with the picture, which reminded her both of her Indian art university studies and her heritage. She reckoned she had got herself a bargain and will certainly be returning to the fair in the future.

Busy atmosphere

With over 1000 tickets selling online before the event and more sold on the door, the atmosphere was buzzing, despite recent site restrictions making for fewer stallholders than in previous editions.


One half of the couple that found an ideal jardiniere for £33.

Some visitors came with certain items in mind. One bagged a pair of decorative 1906 English sterling silver tins for £80 and a couple snapped up large ceramic jardiniere to add to their growing collection. This particular plant pot cost £33 and the buyers were thrilled that they had managed to find the exact size and style they had come for. Jewellery sellers did a good trade.

One visitor that ATG spoke to had come for a kimono but left with a necklace bought for £180 (plus two kimonos).

Humourist Michael ‘Atter’ Attree was spotted carrying a large collection of small items that he had picked up across various stalls, but he was particularly excited about an arrowhead that he had found for £15. He appreciated its patina and the stories that he imagined it might tell: “It may have a romantic history, or been used in an ancient battle shot at Zeus himself.”

Crossovers pop up


A hat that is “perfaect for Instagram”, purchased for £10 and elegantly modelled.

Pop Up Vintage Fairs London took place within the larger event, and the partnership resulted in several crossover sales.

One buyer was thrilled with his purchase of a powder blue hat, which was “perfect for his Instagram aesthetic” and cost him only £10. One returning visitor came to hunt for jewellery from the vintage section – but ended up leaving with a pair of 1950s chairs from a neighbouring antiques stall for £40 each.

James Lewis, chief executive at Bamfords Auctioneers, was also in attendance, providing valuations for items that dealers and attendees had brought. One find of note was a diamond ring which was then consigned for sale.

Alexandra Palace remains a great venue that can be reached using public transport or driving to the site with parking available nearby. For those without a car, IACF had couriers available to assist with deliveries.

IACF returns to Alexandra Palace on September 3, 2023.