Charles, Prince of Wales gold medal by Simon van de Passe, offered at Kunker.

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The series of autumn sales at Kunker in Osnabrück on September 26-30 includes, estimated at €75,000, a rare gold medal depicting the future Charles I on the occasion of his elevation to the title of Prince of Wales in 1616. His older brother Henry had died of typhoid fever in 1614.

Better known in silver the designer of this medal was Simon van de Passe (1595-1647), the Dutch engraver and medallist who stayed in London from 1615-22 and worked for the English royal court.


The Winchester College Queen’s gold medal offered at Monnaies de Collection.

The numismatics sale held by Monnaies de Collection (MDC) in Monaco on October 13-14 includes a number of rare English gold issues. A version of the Winchester College Queen’s gold medal is inscribed to the rim for 1897 and the recipient Alfred Eckhard Zimmern (1879-1957).

A classical scholar, historian, and political scientist, he played an important role in drafting the blueprint for the League of Nations. The medal by Benjamin Wyon features the bust of Victoria and the tomb of William of Wykeham in Winchester Cathedral. The starting price is €8000.