A Bearded Man Looking Down and to the Right, carpenter’s pencil, with stumping. Signed with initials and dated A.M./92 in pencil at the upper right. It is among the works featured at Stephen Ongpin's exhibition.

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Held in association with German firm Le Claire Kunst, it comprises works from over 50 years of the German artist’s career.

Menzel was a tireless draughtsman, reputedly travelling everywhere with at least one sketchbook in his pocket. By 1905, he estimated that he had filled more than 50 books with work at various stages of finish, but most signed and many dated.


Men and Soldiers at a Shooting Range by Adolph Menzel, graphite, with stumping and scratching out, heightened with white on prepared paper. Signed and inscribed Wollen Sie obiger Kritzelung/irgendwo ihren Mappen ein Ruhe örtchen/gönnen in Herzlicher Hochachtung/ Menzel in pencil in the margin of the sheet, at the lower right. It is among the works featured at Stephen Ongpin's exhibition.

Many images depict everyday life in Berlin. Pictures of beggars and labourers appear alongside portraits of family and friends. Only a few were to become full-sized paintings.

For the re-staging of the show the catalogue is being reprinted in a limited edition. It is the largest exhibition of Menzel drawings known to be held in any commercial gallery, though Germany is traditionally the strongest market for his works, according to the gallery.

Prices in the show range from around $10,000-150,000, with one gouache priced higher.