Bowls such as this divination cup were used by the Yoruba people during rituals of Ifa divination. In these the wisdom of Orunmila, the spirit of wisdom and prophecy in Yoruba mythology, would be transcribed. A priest tapped rhythmically on a tray with a ritual tool, asking the help of Orunmila, while 16 sacred palm nuts were kept in the divination bowl. This example, offered for €4500 by Galerie Lemaire, is from the collection of artist Fon Klement.

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Held at the Mall Galleries in London, the fair runs from September 15-18 and features works ranging in price from the low three figures to more than £20,000.

This edition of the fair - the 15th - is the first to run in person post-Brexit, but plenty of overseas exhibitors will attend.


Priced at £3000 by Joss Graham, this cotton Asafo flag from Ghana, c.1950, has an appliqued design of a lion and a supi. The supi or head of the Asafo regiment plays ball with a lion, showing his mastery.

Galerie Lemaire, specialist in the art of New Guinea, Oceania and Indonesia, and Louis Nierijnck with works from Africa, the Himalayas and south-east Asia, come from the Netherlands. Rob Temple of Belgium offers artefacts from Africa and Oceania. Focusing on African works with a modernist aesthetic is Mark Eglington of the USA.

UK participants include Ian Shaw bringing textiles and other African works of art, Kenn MacKay focusing on American Indian art and Cordelia Donahoe featuring tribal jewellery. New to the fair this year are Chris Sheffield, Stothert & Trice, Exquisite African Art and Kensu Oteng, all from the UK.


This very thin bone comb is described as being in perfect condition. It is similar to an example in wood the British Museum’s collection, which is from the collection of Maurice Cockin, district officer in Owo, and described as 16th-19th century, found in Benin City. Dealer Adam Prout estimates this example to be from the 18th to early 19th century and has it ticketed at £3400.

A tour of the fair led by Ronnie Archer-Morgan - known to many from his appearances on Antiques Roadshow - will take place during the fair. More information will follow online.