Hermen Anglada Camarasa’s Nocturne, c.1900, sold by Colnaghi.

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BADA Week, which runs from October 3-9, unites more than 20 member dealers who host exhibitions or events or showcase highlights from their stock.

Colnaghi’s show Barcelona – Paris, 1860-1936: A Journey to Modernity, runs in association with Spanish galleries Sala Parés and Artur Ramon Art, features more than 50 works by Spanish artists, many of them Catalan.

Night time

One work has already been snapped up by a UK private collector: Hermen Anglada Camarasa’s Nocturne, c.1900.

In 1894 the artist had moved from Barcelona to Paris where he concentrated on depictions of the city’s nightlife. These remain among his most sought-after subjects with prices stretching into the six figures.

This canvas, one of a series painted in gardens, is thought to have been executed in the Champs Élysées.

Two more works, The Theatre (1901) by Joaquim Sunyer and Portrait of the demoiselles Louise and Berthe Godon (1921) by Josep de Togores, are on reserve to a European institution.

Prices in the show range from €25,000-500,000.

It is the third exhibition staged jointly by the trio of galleries on Spanish art and runs from October 6 – November 18.

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