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(‘Trade day at a fair is unfair to collectors’, Letters, ATG No 2541). In my experience very few fairs do this.

Most fairs charge a higher entry fee for the privilege of entering with the stall holders (IACF £55 early entry) and this is open to anyone, private or trade. If private collectors want to get to the fair at the crack of dawn and gain entry with the trade they are free to do so.

I’ve never known anyone refused entry if they are willing to pay.

Dealers work very hard to find stock often on the road most days of the week and to suggest that our efforts are unfair is in my opinion slightly insulting. Many of my collector customers are very grateful that I put in the hard slog to find items for them.

Private collectors: please remember we are trying to make a living and not just going to a fair with the hope of adding to a collection.

Janice Crockett

Janice Crockett Antiques