Amber casket – €132,000 (£110,000) at Metz.

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The sale of March 25-26 was no exception, as the result for an 8in (22cm) high amber casket showed.

During the 17th and 18th centuries, numerous craftsmen in the region of Danzig and Königsberg made a living creating works of art from the so-called gold of the Baltic Sea. It is far from easy to identify individual artists, and the auction catalogue did not venture a guess.

The casket with carved animal figures and gilt mounts here came from a Bavarian legacy and had been in the same family for many decades.

Bidders from Switzerland, China, France, Italy and Germany were hoping to pick up the casket.

In the event the anonymous buyer was taken to €132,000 (£110,000) before they could claim the prize.