Dealer Shanshan Wang answers this week's 5 questions.

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1 What is your next event?

As well as exhibiting at Chelsea, the gallery will hold two shows this year. The spring one (May to June) will uniquely address a female theme, displaying early female sculptures from before the 10th century. The autumn one, which runs in parallel with the 25th Asian Art in London, will show classic pottery representing early Chinese civilisations as well as stone sculptures.

2 Have you noticed any collecting trends recently?

The Covid situation has pushed more collectors towards purchasing via auction house online sales. Perhaps this year it is the time to draw them back to the galleries/shops by exhibiting best items at local and international art fairs.

3 Is there a 'holy grail' item in your area you would love to get?

I would like to narrow my focus further in the future to large early Chinese sculptures. Therefore, it would be my 'final fantasy’ to acquire a complete Northern Dynasties to Tang Dynasty (386-907CE) buddha or bodhisattva

4 Who do you admire in the trade?

Mr Giuseppe Eskenazi is the world's leading Chinese antique dealer. Not only does he have an exquisite taste, but he is also open to supporting new-generation dealers.

S Real ale or espresso martini?

I don’t need to drink to relax but would rather watch a movie, sing or paint. However, I do prefer strong alcohol, such as Moutai, so espresso martini is definitely my cup of tea.

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