Barney James of The Home Bothy says customers are looking for 'joyous antique pieces' to add depth to an interior.

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1 How did you get your start?

A love of buying beautiful objects beyond my means was the starting point – aged 12! We have been full time dealing for 10 years.

2 What challenges are facing the trade in the coming months?

Can there be any more? For us it will be working out the second tranche of Brexit regulations which come into force this year. Really boring but sadly true.

3 What recent buying trends have you noticed?

Our customers are focused on creating a space they love, with a rekindled drive towards using joyous antique pieces that give further depth to their interior.

People are quicker to say yes, rather than ponder and miss out on an item they love now.

4 Who do you admire in the trade?

The secret support that all dealers have, the wives, husbands, partners, family, friends (and pets!) operating in the background and working just as hard. Often unappreciated and helping at the drop of a hat. This support keeps many businesses thriving and allows us to continue doing what we love.

5 What is one item you couldn’t do without?

Practicality says my mobile phone – reality says my gilet.

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