‘Spizaetus Kelaarti’, nowadays more commonly known as the hawk eagle, one of the Keulemans plates from Legge’s 1880 History of the Birds of Ceylon. It sold for £3500 at Tennants.

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That work was the subject of Pick of the Week in ATG No 2521.

Another special attraction of that North Yorkshire sale of books, maps and manuscripts was a section of more than 100 lots devoted to books, pictures and cameras from the family collections of the internationally famous bird and wildlife photographer Eric Hosking (1909-91).


The Eric J Hosking bookplate that featured on the cover of the Tennants sale catalogue.

Shown above is one of the 33 hand-coloured lithographic plates produced by JG Keulemans for Hosking’s copy of W Vincent Legge’s 1880 History of the Birds of Ceylon. In a contemporary binding, it sold at £3500.

It naturally contained an example of Hosking’s bookplate – proudly displayed on the cover of the sale catalogue and also reproduced here.