Highland Landscape by Ithell Colquhoun, offered for £18,000 from Liss Llewellyn.

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A record was set for the artist recently when one of her paintings sold for a a hammer price of £205,000 (see our report this week), and a show on the artist is in the works at Tate Britain. According to Modern British specialist Liss Llewellyn, this marks a rise in interest not only in women artists but also British Surrealists.

The dealership offers 1965 fabric collage Highland Landscape, 16 x 20in (40 x 50cm), for £18,000.

Liss Llewellyn says: “Figures such as Colquhoun produced extraordinarily beautiful, inventive, and often transgressive canons of paintings, writings and objects that are now only beginning to garner the same critical attention as their male counterparts.

“The fascination with Colquhoun’s work – and that of British Surrealism more generally – also demonstrates how recent scholarship and exhibitions have shown the movement to be a global phenomenon, developing far beyond its Parisian roots.”