Gamda Transport Toys Series Israel Army Toys Series armoured car – £1200 at Special Auction Services.

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An estate agent by profession, for several years he organised the Windsor Toy Fair for the Maidenhead Static Model Club. His collection was focused on some of the smaller diecast and tinplate factories that are often overlooked by toy collectors.

Some high prices were paid for a series of toys by the Gamda toy brand, a firm that operated in Israel in the 1960s. The name means ‘midget’ or ‘dwarf’ in Hebrew, with its range of Sabra toys signifying the term for an Israeli Jew born anywhere in the historical land of Palestine.

The project had other nationalistic overtones. A series of military vehicles included models with United Nations decals or those of the Israeli Army and Israeli Defence Force.


Gamda Transport Toys Series Daimler Conquest – £1200 at Special Auction Services.

Gamda toys have a small but dedicated following. Like any diecast factory there are many common issues (some of these sold for £30-50 each) but some surprising numbers were put on rarities.

Pictured here are an Israel Army Toys Series armoured car and a Transport Toys Series Daimler Conquest in two-tone grey, both in original boxes. Estimated at £80- 120 on July 26, they took £1200 apiece.