Josep Santilari, D. the watercolorist, 2018-19, pencil on cardboard, 9 x 11in (23 x 28cm), £11,500 at Stuart Lochhead.

Image: Stuart Lochhead Gallery, 2022

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Staged during London Art Week (July 3-15), the show focuses on the brothers’ drawings, which are inspired not only by the history of art but often from the same object.

Working side by side in their studio, the twins create hyper-realistic still-lifes, virtually indistinguishable from each other – though they do not collaborate on single compositions.

The show includes a group of vanitas pieces, a series quoting works by Old Masters such as Parmigianino and Rembrandt and another set, shown for the first time, which is inspired by the theme of the Kunstkammer or cabinet of curiosities. Prices range from £8500-12,500.

Alongside these Contemporary creations, the gallery will showcase a selection of memento mori artworks from the Renaissance and Baroque period.