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For all the world records set in the art market, the vast majority of items bought and sold in the antiques, vintage and collectables trade come with a much more affordable price tag.

And they are no less interesting for it. An object’s backstory, the way in which it is traded today, its new owner and what they intend to do with it are all part of a rich and evolving story.

In this special report we highlight a range of items that illustrate and celebrate not only the richness of the stories behind affordable antiques but also the passion and dedication of those involved in trading and owning them.

One further notable feature of this end of the market is the diversity of places where the items are bought and sold – from large and small fairs and antiques centres, to dealers’ shops, Instagram and auctions.

Click the links below for our stories about items under £1000:

At a showground fair: Getting it all out in the open

At an indoor fair: All the fun – and serendipity – of the fair

At auction: Peruse, bid and buy – online or in the room

From an antiques centre: The centre of attention

From a dealer’s shop: Finding that statement item

On Instagram: Scrolling surprise and delight

From a dealer portal: Stock selection