Purchases at IACF’s Newark Antiques Fair included: a 1950s French bamboo patio chair – £100.

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The visitors ATG met on March 31 succeeded in finding their needle in a haystack.

One buyer – Stephen – spotted a chair among the thousands of items on display at the Newark & Nottinghamshire Showground. Although he had not attended the fair specifically to find a chair he was very pleased with his purchase, having spent only £100 on it.

Asked why he had chosen that chair, he said he was initially drawn in by the colour but was convinced by the ageing, design and feel of it. The structure is made out of bamboo; the chair dates from around the 1950s and originally hails from south-west France.

The trader who sold it to him had bought it for her stock simply because she liked the shape, colour and patina of the piece and said she was delighted that it was going to be a focal piece in someone’s home.

Elsewhere on the same day, Elliot, who had come to the fair with a van intending to pick up anything interesting that caught his eye, found something different to add to his growing collection of pub and bar memorabilia. He spent £180 in total for a pair of French early 20th century champagne racks. Despite living about 80 miles away in West Yorkshire, he is a regular at the fair.

Nige, the owner of a vintage clothes store, often attends showground fairs to buy decorations for his shop. He had come to Newark specifically to look for a vintage mannequin and had found a royal naval one which he took home for £60. Although he is not sure exactly when it is from, it is marked ‘Kennet & Lindsell Limited’ at the bottom, which he believes could indicate that the mannequin dates to around the 1920s.


A painting by Graham Lockyer Allsop in the manner of Lowry purchased at IACF’s Newark Antiques Fair.

Another buyer had come to see a dealer from whom she frequently purchases to pick up another painting by Graham Lockyer Allsop – an artist who has been creating works after LS Lowry for 25 years. The one she collected from the fair is her second piece and she enjoys owning and displaying an item inspired by Lowry for just £300-400.

Sold by London dealership You Need Art, these pieces are good-faith ‘after-Lowry’ pieces with a clear signature by the actual artist, rather than fake Lowrys being passed off as originals. Graham likes to add an array of bright colours to his own works that were not part of Lowry’s palette.