Reward poster for the State Jewels of Ireland, €4600 (£3900) at Fonsie Mealy.

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Delivered to Dublin ‘on the command of His Majesty William IV’ by Rundell & Bridge the regalia contained 394 precious stones of the ‘first water’ taken from the jewels owned by Queen Charlotte and the Order of the Bath star of George III.

The jewels were last worn on March 15, 1907 at a function to mark St Patrick’s Day and last seen in the safe at Dublin Castle on June 11. However, along with the collars of five knights of the order, they were discovered missing on July 6, 1907 and have never been recovered.

All types of rumours and theories surround the disappearance. Reward posters such as this one, offered by Fonsie Mealy (20/25% buyer’s premium) as part of the Howth Castle contents sale on September 8, were printed at the time by the Dublin Metropolitan Police.

The pictures of the missing jewels, valued in 1907 at £34,500, are the closest one is ever likely to get to the real thing. As a rare survivor, it took €4600 (£3900).