An 8½in (22cm) high Greek blackglaze terracotta kantharos from Boeotia, 5th century BC, for sale from Charles Ede’s 50th anniversary show on Greek black glaze pottery priced at £3800.

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“Black glaze has always exerted a particular pull for me”, says the gallery’s Jamie Ede, whose father founded the firm in 1971.

“I admire the painted pottery of Athens, but the black glaze has a clarity of style and design which is not in any way detracted from by the decoration.”

Originating from Athens, unembellished black glaze was primarily manufactured from the 6th-4th century BC alongside the black-figure and the red-figure techniques with the lustrous black achieved in the glaze due to the high iron content of the slip.

The show, several years in the making, runs from October 12-29 at the gallery’s London space in Three Kings’ Yard, Mayfair. Over 60 pieces including a variety of different vessels, dishes, cups, lamps and mugs that once graced the homes of the ancient Greeks are for sale with prices ranging from around £500 to over £10,000.