A c.1960 Wurlitzer Hi-Fi jukebox – £6400 at Hartleys.

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A c.1960, 4ft 8½in (1.43m) tall Wurlitzer Hi-Fi juke came with a full set of 45rpm records. As with all vintage mechanical objects it may need servicing, but saleroom staff who had played it could verify it was ready to go and it went to a private UK enthusiast a shade above estimate at £6400.

Could be a queen


A c.1900 Armand Marseilles doll – £3800 at Hartleys.

Almost as tall at 4ft (1.22m), this c.1900 Armand Marseilles doll was the other main star of the October 9 sale in Ilkley.

The Thuringian firm made the bisque heads of their variously sized dolls, contracting the bodies and dresses out to other makers. This one with black wig, blue glass fixed eyes, closed mouth, flange neck was marked to the head A17M B while the wood body with jointed jointe shoulders was stamped to the cloth-covered middle Paris Brevete.

Full mourning dress, lightened by embroidered apron and muff, feathered bonnet, necklace and brooch, gave rise to a suggestion that the doll may represent Queen Victoria.

Rarity of size and subject more than compensated for the doll missing its lower arms and, against a £1000-2000 estimate, it sold to a lady collector from the south of England at £3800.