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He has traded there for nearly 40 years, seeing it through good times and bad including the three years between 2008-11 when the traders were bumped into temporary accommodation in Bermondsey Square during its redevelopment.

Addlestone wants to emphasise the market’s positive aspects, saying: “Back in the ‘80s and ‘90s Bermondsey had an edgy environment but now it’s a modern and vibrant area.

“So the market needs to move on and away from the negative aspects of its long past reputation as a marché ouvert [an open market where stolen goods were legally sold which was removed from statute in 1995].”

When they all reopen, visitors to the market also have on tap the luxury Bermondsey Square Hotel plus an independent cinema, and the local area has a froth of restaurants, coffee shops and pubs.

Bermondsey Street offers too the London Glassblowing Gallery and the Fashion and Textile Museum.