Early Ming porcelain dish – Dkr35.5m (£4.1m) at Bruun Rasmussen.

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Knocked down at Dkr35.5m (£4.1m) on June 2, it also became the most expensive piece of Asian decorative art ever sold in Scandinavia. The Chinese buyer will pay Dkr46.15m (£5.32m) including 24% buyer’s premium and VAT.

Estimate was Dkr200,000–300,000.

The 15th century blue and white porcelain dish with a dragon motif came from a Danish private collection. However, the auction house believes it was once owned by Swedish architect Salomon Sörensen (1856-1937).

Ralph Lexner, head of the department of Asian art and antiques at Bruun Rasmussen, said: “We were well aware that the dish would fetch a good price and that there would be a great deal of interest in it. Yet, I also have to admit, that our estimate was a bit off the mark.

"But the result itself can certainly be described as having hit the bullseye.”