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I am flabbergasted that people with much experience and knowledge would be surprised by this development. It was made very clear throughout Brexit that ‘leave means leave.’ I find it entirely laughable that many people who likely voted to leave now realise that they are ‘unable to have their cake and eat it’.

It saddens me that we now have more barriers and obstacles to overcome, while our counterparts in EU countries will solely be focusing on post-Covid stategies and potentially directing trade away from problematic UK deals to their other 27 options.

I think the energies and efforts of important trade organisations would be better invested in focusing on post-Covid recovery and long-term plans on educational reform.

Surrounded by antiques

As a mother of two, I have realised the advantage that being an antiques dealer has been in supporting home schooling. Many children no longer grow up surrounded by any antiques as modern trends move away from keeping inherited items and many families prefer the modern look.

We have the wisdom and resources to create partnerships between dealers and schools across the country going forward to spark children’s interest from an early age. Collaboration will hold the key to future survival.

By educating the young now it will ensure the flourishing of the antiques trade. Fighting an ivory ban that will only be imposed by the UK government in a matter of months seems an uneconomical waste of time.

Rosei Frost