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My contribution: In the 1980s, when everybody lived on their credit cards, I found it was important to have a holiday with my young family, and so with a little help from my flexible friend we went to the Greek islands.

Even there in such a beautiful setting it was hard not to think of antiques, but after the 1st week I relaxed, then on the second week we visited the main town and came across the only antiques shop on the island.

Inside the doorway was a 3ft high carved wooden bear (Black Forest 1880).

I was besotted, I must get it, and even though the owner was reluctant to sell, I managed to buy it for £300. This left us short of money and more pressure on my overdraft.

My wife and family thought I was quite mad, as I now spent the rest of the day going around the town looking for the largest bag available to put my bear into, so I could get it on the plane as carry-on luggage. Amazingly I found one and got it home.

I remember that beautiful holiday for that episode, while I suspect my family remember it as the holiday when dad went loco. Consequently when I took it to my next fair, I sold it for £1300 which covered the cost of half our holiday… exciting times…

Peter Mundy (Aaron Antiques)