Colin Young on the rostrum at Golding Young & Mawer’s Country House Sale for Newbold Pacey Hall last week.

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At Golding Young & Mawer’s Country House Sale for Newbold Pacey Hall last week auctioneer Colin Young kept the online viewers –who eagerly snapped up the vast majority of lots in what was a very successful sale – amused with a stream of quips. Here are some from the books section on day two:

“By John Wooll, come on don’t be sheepish…[silence, no bids arrive]…What? Nobody wants the memoirs of the late Reverend Joseph Wharton? What is the world coming to?…OK £10….”

On another lot, as the bidding is slow to get going. “Finally we’ve reached the estimate…£65…yes, OK, offer them £68 because I want to prolong the pain for as long as possible.”

On some posthumous works by Friedrich II, King of Prussia: “Thanks for your bid – I was about to say this lot had died.”

On The History of Tom Jones, A Foundling: “You seem to have slowed down for this Tom Jones…that’s not unusual… sold, OK it’s off to the green, green grass of someone’s home.”

On Lord Lyons: “Very popular, did a roaring trade.”

On The Life of Samuel Johnson: “Published by Dilly…we don’t want any dallying here.”

Trials of High Treason – which includes people who default at auction – one more now… come on, don’t leave me hanging…”

“Lot 1228 is an occasional album. Sometimes it’s a book, sometimes it’s whatever you want it to be.”

“Lot 1230 [estimate £10-£30] is the Jules Verne… £120… I was a few leagues under the bid there… sold for £320.”

“And Lot 1231 is the Life of Wellington, we have a bid and another one to boot.”

On lot 1238, estimate £20-30: “An auctioneer’s announcement, the estimate has changed, can we change it on the screen because otherwise we’ll end up in Bid Barometer which is like an ASBO… I wear those ASBOs as a badge of honour… we’ve got enough to fill the column this week.” Hammer £1350.

On lot 1363, a book of dried fern and bracken specimens: “I was about to say I was going to turn over a new leaf…can I press you for one more?”

Keep ‘em coming, Colin. A full report on the Newbold Pacey Hall sale will appear in a forthcoming ATG.