Holly Wright, centre, co-owner with partner Joe Wilkinson of Noble Robin Salvages, pictured with Richard Winterton of the eponymous auction house and his wife Janet – holding Wright and Wilkinson’s pet terrier Mabel –at the shop’s opening day.

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Partners Holly Wright and Joe Wilkinson opened their antiques and vintage shop Noble Robin Salvages with a very personal tribute in mind.

The business opened in Swadlincote, near Derby, at the end of November, building on experience in sourcing salvage from family members.

Wright said: “We are using the knowledge and passion passed down from both our grandparents, Graham Fry and Alan Wilkinson, to go it alone with the shop whose name comes from the symbolism of the robin around deceased loved ones, namely our grandparents.”

The shop’s logo depicts a robin with a flat cap and shepherd’s crook.

Keen interest

The couple have been pleased with the interest and footfall since the launch.

Wilkinson also works for Richard Winterton auction house in Lichfield, so there is plenty of sourcing possibilities there for stock, and the couple put in the miles to buy at fairs as well as from dealers they know around the country.

Noble Robin Salvages is on 07860 783063 or via instagram @noblerobinsalvages