A work from Malcolm Whittaker’s 2007 Collection series. It is priced at £750 from Claire Brown.

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It looks like the preserved impression of a fish that lived many millennia ago, but this ‘fossil’ is anything but.

Intricately made from wax and a composite board of compressed card, PVA and wood filler, the 13in (34cm) square piece is the work of Malcolm Whittaker (b.1937) and forms part of the artist’s 2007 Collection series.

Whittaker says the series was inspired by both “man’s desire….to collect, own, wrap, box, identify and catalogue” and the fossils, insects, animals and rocks he found in the Natural History Museum.

The piece shown here is priced at £750 from art dealer Claire Brown who has dedicated her latest catalogue, Fragments of Time and Place, to Whittaker’s works.