One of Luise Dutenhofer’s fine paper-cuts, this one dated 1803. Part of a collection of 74 of her cuts that made €22,000 (£18,965) at Ketterer Kunst.

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Mostly working from a folded sheet, the scissor technique used by Luise Dutenhofer (1776-1829), a renowned exponent of that art, resulted in two copies of each cut. 

The two albums offered together in Hamburg contained a collection totalling 74 mounted examples of her exquisite work, 10 of them on coloured rather than the more familiar black paper.

One of the albums, once in the collections of the poet Friedrich von Matthison, had been received as a birthday gift from their creator.

Estimated at €1200 at the sale on May 31, they sold for €22,000 (£18,965) to a Bavarian collector.

Logical result

Thought most likely to have been created for use at the University of Paris, a 13th century manuscript compilation of Aristotle’s writings on logic topped the German sale. It attracted a lot of European and US interest and sold in the end at €72,000 (£61,920) to an English bidder.

All the works in this volume, said the saleroom, related to what is called the ‘Old Logic’, that corpus of philosophical logic based on the Aristotelian translations and original compositions of Boethius.